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Anthony P. Pawlak, PhD




Anthony Pawlak is research analyst and statistician for the Cardiac Neuroscience Laboratory. He graduated cum laude from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA with a BA in psychology and received a MS in Psychology (Biopsychology & Behavioral Neuroscience Program) at Rutgers University. Dr. Pawlak completed his PhD in Education (Concentration in Applied Statistics & Psychometrics) with a dissertation project that focused on utilizing item response theory (IRT) to assess the individual criteria of the DSM-IV diagnostic category for a major depressive episode.

Current Research

As part of my current position, I perform statistical and psychometric analyses, data management, and research design consulting at the CAS. I also assist in the reporting of the methodology and results of statistical analyses for peer-reviewed publications. My statistical and methodological interests include structural equation modeling, latent class analysis, multivariate analyses, and linear mixed models.

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