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Jennifer Buckman, PhD




Dr. Buckman is Associate Director of the Cardiac Neuroscience Laboratory.  Her PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience is from Oregon Health & Science University where she worked as part of the Portland Alcohol Research Center. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh in the Department of Pharmacology. She also has an MBA.

Current Research

​My research is guided by my interest in why people use alcohol and cannabis, not only within the context of addiction, but also within the context of daily life and well-being. Much of the alcohol and cannabis consumption in the United States does not meet criteria for addiction. Nonetheless, it can have long-term implications for health and well-being because it occurs within a culture of chronic sleep deprivation, overeating, and sedentary habits that defines modern life.  Alcohol and drug use undoubtedly causes wear-and-tear (i.e., allostatic loading) on organ systems and the brain. My current studies focus on the interplay of physiological systems, neural functioning, and behavior patterns that may help us determine when (and how) alcohol and cannabis use undermines health.​

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