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Marsha Bates, PhD




Dr. Bates is Distinguished Professor and Director of the Cardiac Neuroscience Laboratory. Her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology is from Rutgers University. She is Vice Chair of Graduate Studies and Research in the Department of Kinesiology and Health, Vice Chair of the Rutgers Arts and Sciences Institutional Review Board, and a Senior Member of the RBHS Brain Health Institute.

Current Research

I collaborate with other psychologists, neuroscientists, physiologists, exercise scientists, and computational modelers to translate basic human experimental research to inform clinical science. My research program aims to understand integrated brain-body mechanisms of behavior change and use this knowledge to build novel intervention and prevention approaches to unhealthy alcohol use and other bio-behavioral problems. Currently, I focus on how the cardiovascular system and the central autonomic brain network work together to modulate arousal in relation to alcohol and drug use, emotion, and cognition. My study of neurocardiac mechanisms of behavior change seeks to use behavioral techniques, rather than drug therapies, to help people flexibly adapt to their environment and sustain health. 

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