Mateo Leganes-Fonteneau, PhD

Assistant Research Professor




Dr. Leganes-Fonteneau works at the Cardiac Neuroscience Laboratory since 2018. Prior to that, he completed his PhD on Cognitive Psychology at the University of Sussex in 2018, supervised by Dora Duka and Ryan Scott. Earlier, he graduated in Psychology and Social Work at the University of Valencia, Spain.

Current Research

The research I conduct at the CAS explores the relationship between cardiovascular signals and behavior in the context of addiction. Our body constantly sends information about its internal state to our brain which then uses that information to generate cognitions, behaviors and emotions. By looking at afferent cardiovascular signals in different laboratory experiments I can study how our bodily states shape alcohol related behaviors. This can inform novel treatment and diagnostic tools.


Another part of my research looks at implicit learning, and how stimuli associated with different outcomes can shape responses even if we are not aware of the associations. I have developed novel experimental and statistical procedures to provide reliable evidence for implicit learning effects.